December 2016

Category: Project installation – beLine®70

The latest project from December 2016 consist in renewal of neon and halogen lighting to beLine® 70A Heavy Industry lighting. The Main goal of the project was uniform lighting across the production with many machine obstacles and installation obstacles on the ceiling. The other requirement was for the LED lamps to work on high temperatures which are at least 40°C  up to 70°C in summer months. The client went for SES Lighting  beLine® 70A Heavy Industry LED lamps with very wide optics to minimize the glare and spread the light evenly across all the working area. With 72% less installation power the project will have significant consumption savings  along with decreased CO2 emissions and improved lighting by 50%. All beLine® 70A lamps are using SES Lighting dimming control to maintain the constant lux level over 5 years of warranty and more.
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